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  • Ellen Hunt

Rhinestones and Pearls and memories

A few weeks ago my sweet father-in-law moved into memory care. In the process of going through the few things he still had my husband found a small trove of broken costume jewelry, one earring missing a match, a single shoe ornament and a few other costume jewelry pins and bobs. Of all of these small things, which we later found out belonged to his late second wife, I fell in love with the rhinestone shoe ornament. Jewelry for shoes were popular for many years, and sometimes come back into fashion. If you google shoe clips, you’ll find a lot of these things geared toward bridal outfits. This one was broken, which meant there were two little holes in the ornament where the clip had been. I decided to make a long necklace out of rea l freshwater pearls to give the rhinestones a neutral

I’m going to enjoy wearing the necklace I cobbled together and think about Millie whenever I wear it. She was a smart, funny, very kind woman that I didn’t know well enough. I know that the meanings we assign to jewelry disappears when someone else inherits or acquires our things. I love being able to remember the woman who owned this beautiful rhinestone buckle, the man who kept it and knowing I can remember this as long as I wear it. Wishing everyone a happy holiday and new year, enjoying the memories that our things contain, and the future we all have ahead of us. XoE 

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