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  • Ellen Hunt

Catch 'em while you can!

Metals, metals, metals, gems. While these things are beautiful to look at and own, they are also used as market commodities whose prices fluctuate along with the overall stock market and changes in society. Years ago when photography became mostly digital, silver prices fell because the use of silver in photography processes plummeted. During the Great Recession the price of gold skyrocketed because people went from speculating on housing to speculating on precious metals. Almost all the gold easily available on the surface of the planet has been mined. The largest and oldest silver mine in the Americas is closed. Refinery and "reused" metals are what everyone purchases now, some companies have even branded their products to seem more "green".

I'm in the process of applying for the spring shows, which are finally opening up to in person shopping. By May, we are hoping that people will be more comfortable going in person to buy. I'm building my inventory, and trying out some new ideas. And buying metals. The price of silver and gold have skyrocketed, and in return, for the spring shows I'll need to raise my prices a bit. I had a huge first ever sale in 2020, and thank you to everyone who supported the sale. I hope you're enjoying your jewelry! So between now and mid may, the prices on the website will remain at the level they have been for a few years. Not quite a sale, but a pre-increase offering.

I have always wanted to bring you beautiful (and award winning!) jewelry at great prices. I don't gold plate or use plastic crystals, you won't find pot metal in place of precious metals in my work. Thank you for supporting the creation of my art jewelry and I hope to keep bringing you interesting jewelry for a long time to come.


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