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Rain, rain, rain

When you live in a drought prone area, rain is a blessing. When you have a tent outside for an art fair and it's raining, well, you wish the rain could have waited a day or two. This past weekend I had a tent up in the parking lot of the Austin Art Garage for the 5th year in a row as part of the WEST art studio tour event. It's always a lot of fun...I get to see my friends, old and new, and now after so many years I know the folks in the surrounding businesses that are also on the tour. Everyone is very kind, and there is an excitement about WEST that I don't think would exist on another random weekend.

But this year the second weekend opened and closed with rain. Lots and lots of rain. I had almost two full days in my booth, but those of you who know Austinites, know they don't like to go out in the rain. Or even a chance of rain. Rain here is like snow storms without the plows for folks who live in the north. Rain makes the roads dangerous (since it happens so infrequently the roads get very slippery), and the phrase "turn around don't drown" is one that everyone is familiar with.

So there I was, in my booth, grateful for those of you who stopped by to visit, and thankful for the few customers I did have. I worked hard this past spring to update my collection, and those new items will soon be up for sale on the website. I was excited to show them off at WEST, and again, grateful that a few of you were able to go home with a new design that no one has ever seen before.

To all my friends and family who dared to come out in bad weather, thank you! I owe you a rain check!

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