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  • Ellen Hunt

A New Website, a new blog.

Creating a new website has been exciting...and truthfully a bit scary. I had the expert help of Urslua Barker, an extremely talented photographer and stylist to help with the photos and layout of the site. She was able to take my vision and descriptions and turn them into an array of images that captures the essence of Hunt Design...unique pieces that are beautiful to wear and sometimes tell a story too. Each piece is inspired by nature and literature and history. It may sound crazy to base a jewelry line on the contents of a book, but in reality that is what all design is. It is a reaction to the world around us, to solve a problem, explain a circumstance or create an identity. Thank you for letting me share my views on beauty and adornment. And as always, please let me know how I can serve you, to make beautiful things just for you.

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